Terra Crystallus

The Adventure Begins

The adventure began with Soul sitting quietly at the bar in the Drunken Ocelot. He was following a lead that the Mayor of this village had been squandering money for the sake of building himself a large villa just outside of the village. Following Albert Waltz’ example, he decided to take care of things using his own means.

Queue a mysterious halfling; cloaked in black. After stealing an innocent farmers ale and nearly starting a barfight, he demanded directions to the Villa or else he’d torch the place. The barkeep was frantic; with such high taxes, he had put his life and soul into the place. He gave the directions, but the halfling set the place ablaze regardless. Soul followed the Halfling outside, but instead of berating his chaotic actions, he proceeded to join in on the fun and took a swing at the fleeing farmers; missing one, killing another, and heavily wounding the third.

After a short talk, the two moved onward to the Villa. Finding a small construction campsite nearby, they gathered up a few minor tools and a blueprint of the Villa and proceeded up the hillside. Noting the light on the upper floor, the halfling approached the guard to convince him that Soul had been stalking him and trying to kill him if he had not done as he asked. The guard fell for the bait, and attacked Soul, wounding him. Soul fought back and killed the guard. The two looked to the Villa; it was nearly time to enter.


- Map of the Villa




- Stealing Ale (1 E)
- Lighting the Bar ablaze, despite recieving directions (4 C, 4 E)
- Desecrating a corpse (2 C)
- Tricking a guard to attack an ally (2 C)
C: 8
E: 5

- Attacking unarmed civilian for betraying their leader but no personal gain (1 L)
- Killing unarmed civilian for betraying their leader but no personal gain (3 L)
- Wounding unarmed civilian for betraying their leader but no personal gain (2 L)
- Threatening a barkeep for information (1 E)
- Killing a guard in self defense without attempting to negotiate (1 E)
L: 6
E: 2

Statistic Changes

HP: Unchanged

HP: 2 damage

Experience Points

CR 1/10 Villager x3 = 90xp
CR 1/2 Guard x1 = 150xp
L point x6 = 60xp
C point x8 = 80xp
E point x7 = 70xp
450xp /2 = 225xp each player


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